Tommy 'DJ Hotlips' Augustyniak


Tomascz Augustyniak… or, as we call him… DJ Hotlips, is the main DJ and dance instructor of the crew. Tommy is a Putnam County High School and IVCC alumn (as of summer of 2014.) He is passionate about dancing and EDM music and has a huge desire to make sure your event goes incredibly smooth. Tommy is our resident DJ, and has been our ’beatmixing’ instructor.  He is the director for all High School events.

Tommy gained the nickname ‘Hotlips’ after making a late night decision on a neck tattoo.  He is the best, and has a great sense of humor, understands customer service, and will bend over backwards to make your event go off right.

Tommy joined the ’Guys’ in 2013 and has been a huge asset to our team.