Sisters Planning

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and planning a wedding is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and energy to see your full vision come to fruition, but what if there was someone to help you bring that vision to life? Sure your family is there to help. But what about the actual wedding day? Do you want your Mom and your sisters to be taken away from seeing the first dance, miss a special toast, or be burdened with the task of making sure everything runs smoothly all night where they can’t have any fun?

As DJs, we try our very best to make sure your night goes smoothly. But there are some instances where things are out of our control, and knew the perfect pair to help with attention to detail that goes beyond what a DJ Service could provide.

Say hello to the Sisters!
Amanda Crisman & Melissa Nosalik


Born and raised in the Illinois Valley, Amanda and Melissa have been in the wedding industry since 1999 with experience in catering and running numerous weddings as event coordinators. From setting up decorations, making sure drinks are poured for toasts, releasing tables to the buffet, resolving seating issues, taking care of guests who can’t handle their liquor, to the clean up at the end of the night, the sisters have done it all. If a problem arises, don’t make your sister handle it, have one of our sisters manage it! They’ll be there to take care of the things that you don’t want to deal with (and things you SHOULDN’T deal with!)


Sisters Stress-Free Packages

Stress-Free Timeline $ 150 Comes with online forms and a phone consult. At the end, the Sisters will put together a timeline you can hand out to your vendors and wedding party!
1 phone consultonline planning toolshelpful emails
Stress-Free Setup & Cleanup $ 600 Have a sister set-up your decorations! You’ll meet with them about a week prior to the wedding and provide the decorations and tell them your vision, and they’ll set it up with their added expertise!
Setup and Cleanup